Pirates’ Gudmunson squashing ‘happy where we are’ mentality as West Harbour chase results

By Matt Findlay; Photo: J.B Photography ‘You must be pleased with where you are now’. Given a dollar for every time he’d heard that recently you’d probably be more likely to find West Harbour coach Mark Gudmunson yachting in the Mediterranean than heading to Concord Oval for training on a chilly Thursday night. The Pirates’ recent off-field plight - to the point they were on the brink of collapse in 2018 - are no secret, so it is somewhat logical to think Gudmunson should be happy he even has a side to coach at the moment. He’s not one to rest on his laurels nor let complacency breed though. “In the respect of getting those players and putting a quality squad on the field yes I’m happy  but it is a really quality group so in terms of results no, mate, I wouldn’t say I’m pleased,” Gudmunson told Rugby News ahead of his side’s round nine clash with Manly this weekend. “We’re trying to stay away from that ‘happy where we are’ mentality be
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