Penrith 2016 Season Preview with Jeremy Paul

by Paul Cook - Last Year: 12th (2pts) Ins: No specific player info released Outs: Michael Bayssat (UK); Sione Pusiaki Fifita (Parramatta) and others Captain: TBC Overview - With Jeremy Paul: "We’ve come a long way since October. First of all, we needed to do a bit of soul searching and accept where we were at, and we used the 454-0 combined grade scoreline against Eastwood last season as a reference point. Since then it’s been about trying to improve our attitude and work ethic for a start, and then building in structures in defence and attack and working on the strength and conditioning side of things. We didn’t really start with any base and we’ve got a long way to go but the guys are working really hard and that’s all I can ask for. “We’ve been recruiting really hard but it’s very difficult when the club is in the position it is and there’s an unfortunate stigma attached to it. We haven’t won a game in two and a half years so it’s very difficult to keep
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