One week training with the Australian Men’s Sevens side

Australia’s Men's Sevens players are some of our countries fittest, fastest and most unique athletes. We caught up with Australian Sevens Athletic Performance coach Will Stuart to find out what an average week of training looks like. Monday The squads arrive between 7-8am to begin their preparation for the day. Each player immediately undergoes a physical screening by medical staff where they weigh in and give a report  on their physical status. After strapping and a team meeting, the on-field morning session begins at 9am. The focus of Monday morning’s session is defence. It begins with speed work, with all players looking to hit max velocity, or their top speed early in the session. This is followed by several skill development based defence drills, before the session finishes with a series of games, played for specific set time periods. “We want the players to hit max velocity for both performance and also injury prevention. It won’t happen every week, but w
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