NSW Schools: Repeat of 2018 NSW’s goal in revamped Australian Schools Championship

By Matt Findlay; Photo: Karen Watson NSW I and II faced off in an incredible Australian Schools Championship decider last year and for the former side’s coach Lachlan White, that’s “absolutely” the overall goal in the 2019 edition, which kicks off at Riverview next Tuesday. Last week NSW selectors named two bumper sides for this year’s revamped national championship, which is essentially being played a knockout tournament. “It is a bit different this year, if you win you go onto the winners’ side of the draw and if you lose you go onto the losers’ side of the draw, so it’s important to hit the ground running for both (NSW) sides,” White said. “It’s interesting, the new format, it changes your way of thinking a little bit because in the past you’d play everyone in your pool and you knew you’d usually have a game that might not challenge you as much, but that’s not the case this year.” Naturally, although he wants to see NSW II earn a decide