NSW Schools: 2017 ISA teams announced for opening day of NSW Schoolboy trials

The NSW Schoolboys trials officially begin tomorrow with ISA, CHS, CCC and AICES teams to play at Rat Park in Warringah.

ISA have named four teams to play on Sunday, ahead of the main trials next Friday at Knox.


Bo Abra (St. Stanislaus’), Liam Aquilina (St. Augustine’s), Riley Hayes (St. Augustine’s), Jack Alcorn (St. Gregory’s), Max Douglas (St. Augustine’s), Hunter Ward (St. Stanislaus’), Donny Freeman (Kinross Wolaroi), Willy Manu (St. Augustine’s), Isaac Hoyle (Oakhill), Jack Walsh (St. Augustine’s), Max Lehmann (St. Augustine’s), James Sidery (St. Augustine’s), Harry Wilson (St. Augustine’s), Albert Hopoate (St. Augustine’s), Harry Hayward (St. Augustine’s).


Cameron D’Costa (Oakhill), Alex Skinner (St. Patrick’s), Joel Thomas (St. Stanislaus’), Nathaniel Panozzo (St. Pius), Sam Eberle (Kinross Wolaroi), Sean Vaivelata (St. Augustine’s), Henry Whelan (St. Augustine’s), Sam Villata (St. Gregory’s), Sam Carfi (St. Gregory’s), Luke Spencer (St. Pius), Stuart Brown (Central Coast GS), Tom Veitch (St. Stanislaus’), Riley Alcorn (St. Gregory’s), Will Russell (St. Pius X), Youl Youl (St. Stanislaus’).


Michael Hughes (St. Augustine’s), Lachlan Frean (St. Gregory’s), Jack Jones (Kinross Wolaroi), Dan Markovtez (St. Pius), Lachlan Melville (St. Stanislaus’), Patrick Walsh (Oakhill), Oscar Mitchell (Kinross Wolaroi), Joshua Thrum (St. Pius), Ellis Hawker (Kinross Wolaroi), Rhys Draper (Kinross Wolaroi), Brandon Donnelly (St. Gregory’s), Jayden Griffen (Oakhill), Nathaniel Vazouras (Kinross Wolaroi), Bryce Rue (St. Stanislaus’), Lachlan Fisher (Kinross Wolaroi). Reserves: Tautua Faatui (St. Augustine’s), Sam Smith (St. Pius), Nathaniel Vaohea (St. Gregory’s), Jack Kelly (St. Gregory’s), Connor O’Brien (St. Patrick’s), Joshua Roberts (St. Augustine’s), Mark Nawaqanitawase, St. Patrick’s), Isaac Choice (St. Gregory’s)

ISA Div 2&3 Schools: 

Oscar Moran (Oxley), Michael Carrington (Redfield), Will Siegert (All Saints), James Weekes (Chevalier), Patrick Neville (Redfield), Hamish Cox (Redfield), Cameron Redpath (All Saints), Michael Fitzgerald (Redfield), Toryn Brodie (St. Andrew’s), Andrew Moore (Redfield), Campbell de Montemas (Oxley), Hayden Leopold (Scots), Toby Viera (Redfield), Tom Ragell (Redfield), Tom Del Rosario (Redfield). Reserves: Rhys Clyne (All Saints), Hamish McHugh (Chevalier), Tui Ryder-Nuku (St. Andrew’s), Daniel Baker (St. Andrew’s), Mikey West (St. Andrew’s), Wesley Standfield (Scots), Noah Oshiro (St. Andrew’s), Robert Agarobe (All Saints).