NRC 2015: Final round hypotheticals


After eight rounds, five teams are still in contention for the final two spots in this year’s NRC finals with four of those sides playing another finals contender this weekend.

Brisbane City and the UC Vikings have secured first and second position respectively, with the Sydney Stars, Perth Spirit, Melbourne Rising, NSW Country Eagles and the North Harbour Rays all fighting for the final two spots.

Here’s what needs to happen this weekend for each of the sides to secure their spot in the playoffs.

Sydney Stars – 3rd (Rd9 v Melbourne Rising)

Scenario One: Win versus the Melbourne Rising and the Stars qualify in third spot

Scenario Two: If the Stars lose to the Rising, they need at least a bonus point and require NSW Country Eagles to be denied a bonus point win against North Harbour Rays

Perth Spirit – 4th (Rd9 – BYE)

Scenario One: The Spirit need Sydney Stars to beat Melbourne Rising and for the Stars denying them a losing point. The Spirit also need the North Harbour Rays to beat NSW Country Eagles – but not by more than 44 points

Note: The Spirit has no game in Round Nine

Melbourne Rising – 5th (Rd9 v Sydney Stars)

Scenario One: A Rising win over the Sydney Stars will guarantee a finals spot

Scenario Two: If the Melbourne Rising lose to the Sydney Stars, they need a bonus point and will require the North Harbour Rays to beat NSW Country Eagles

NSW Country Eagles – 6th (Rd9 v North Harbour Rays)

Scenario One: NSW Country Eagles qualify if they beat the North Harbour Rays with a bonus point and the Stars lose to Melbourne Rising without earning a bonus point

Scenario Two: If the Sydney Stars beat the Melbourne Rising then any win for the NSW Country Eagles over the North Harbour Rays will see them qualify

North Harbour Rays – 7th (Rd9 v NSW Country Eagles)

Scenario One: Need to win with a bonus point and a minimum 44-point margin over NSW Country Eagles and hope Sydney Stars beat Melbourne Rising and deny them a losing bonus point