He’s a Heavy, but he’s my brother: Mitchell brothers battle for GF spot

By Michael Atkinson This Sunday, the University of Queensland Red Heavies face the Sunnybank Dragons in the Queensland Premier Rugby preliminary final, with the winner to play Brothers in the grand final next week. But this weekend’s match will have an added dimension to the battle with brothers Brendan and Conor Mitchell facing off as captains of Sunnybank and University respectively. Rugby News spoke to both of them ahead of Sunday’s big clash and asked them about their rivalry. Rugby News: Brendan, as the older brother, do you get protective of Conor? Brendan: We’re pretty close as we’re the only two kids in our family, but I don’t get too protective; Conor is pretty good at fending for himself. Conor: There is only 18 months between us so we grew up pretty close, more like mates than brothers. When we were really young. Mum said he was pretty protective but as we grew up I was always tagging along trying to do anything he was doing and trying to out do him as well
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